Monday, September 10, 2012

Homo Wajakensis

In 1889, Van Rietschoten found early man fossil Homo in Wajak, near Campur Darat, East Java. This invention is firstly investigated bu Eugene Dubois. The fossils are join neck and skull having content  1.650 cc. Besides that, Eugene Dubois,by himself, in 1890 found fossil in Wajak. Thi fossil consisted of skull fragmen, upper and lover jaw, shin and thighbone. The invention of early man fossil in Wajak is called Homo Wajakensis or man form Wajak.This early man type has higher level than Pithecanthropus Erectus and it is classified into Homo Sapiens.

This Homo form Wajak is a type that difficult to determine its race because it has race marking Mogolid as well as Austromelanosoid. This Wajak man possibly comes form subrace Malay Indonesian and had human evolotion become race Austromelanosoid now. This Wajak race possibly includes man who lived around 25.000-40.000 years ago in South East Asia, such as Niah isn Serawak (Malaysia) and Tabon in Palawan Island (Philipines). In south China also ever found upper jaw fragment similar with one form Wajak.Wajak finding proves that around 40.000 years ago, in Indonesia had been in habited by man type Homo Sapiens

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